Modern Meat is a plant-based meat alternative company. Our top chefs create selections of healthy, gourmet vegan options crafted only from natural ingredients. 

Our team is passionate about creating delicious food without harming our planet and those living on it. We are committed to creating meat alternatives that consumers can feel great about. Modern Meat’s mission is to change the way food is produced and consumed for the benefit of animals, the protection of our environment, and the health of our people.

Our Modern Meat products can be found in local grocery stores and are being used by retail / restaurants throughout North America who want to offer their customers healthy, plant-based meals.

Our Products Are:


We created the recipe for the Modern Plant-Based Burger by carefully selecting specific ingredients of vegetables, legumes, grains and spices. We were able to design a plant-based patty that has the look, texture and satisfaction of a conventional meat burger.

Locally made by top chefs, the plant-based burgers range from Modern Meat is simply gourmet!


Our Mini Burgers are a scaled down version of the Modern Plant-Based Burger with the same satisfying taste and packed with the nutrients you need.

The sliders are the perfect go-to entertaining snack…and you won’t feel guilty having two!

Definitely the best vegan burger I’ve ever had!!!!!
Marie L.
Loyal Supporter


Created from celery root, red peppers, and chickpea flour, the Modern ‘Crabless’ Cakes are one of our more popular products from Modern Meat.

Read more about our Modern Meat ‘Crabless’ Cakes.


Our Modern Gyoza’s are award winning! We’ve created a delicious, plant-based gyoza for a quick meal or appetizer to make at home. Available in a 12 pack, and kept in the freezer, simply add to a pan and boil or fry.


The eggplant-based Modern Crumble is a perfect plant-based alternative to traditional ground beef. Eggplant, mushrooms and confit garlic give the crumble an earthy, umami flavour. Its application is perfect in classics like chili, Bolognese sauce or stews and is so versatile you will find countless ways to enjoy it.


Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean meatball, sundried tomatoes are soaked in a rich mushroom broth before being worked into the crumble along with aromatic Greek spices like cumin and fresh herbs.

These Modern Meatballs are bold and loaded with protein to fuel your body.

Modern Meat Is The Future Of Food

Find out how Modern Meat is transforming how we look at food, our health and the environment, while not sacrificing taste.